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Separates IT from OT

Separates IT From OT

SeparateS IT From OT

CommTunnel Launches a Breakthrough Cybersecurity Platform that separates Information Technology from Operational Technologies, and Isolates Operational Technologies into Virtual Enclaves, invisible to hackers.

The SC-IoT Internet of Things Security Platform, substantially limits the ability of ransomware to disrupt business systems and critical infrastructure. The solution separates IT from OT on any network and isolates selected OT systems inside clandestine virtual communication enclaves, that are undetectable on the internet.

“Hackers mainly use email to infect networks with malicious software (ransomware), however they are increasingly finding connected devices an easy point of entry, exploiting vulnerabilities in operational technologies and operational systems.” States Ron Harris, CEO of CummTunnel.

The two most common ransomware software variants used by hackers are crypto-based, or data-locker based. These programs utilize sophisticated encryption algorithms, that lock down the infected device’s operating system. This means that all files, data, applications, operational technologies and other connected system platforms, are rendered unavailable. In addition to making system files and associated data inaccessible to the victim, hackers in some cases can take control of these OT systems.

“SC-IoT separates IT from OT, which significantly reduces the cyber-attack surface and eliminates the crossover breach. Operational systems isolated inside a CommTunnel Enclave are invisible and undetectable to anyone or any virus on the internet. Virtual enclaves are also invisible to unauthorized users on the same IT network. The attack surface is minimized because, only authorized personnel can see the enclave and cybercriminals can’t hack what they can’t see.” Adds Harris.

“Our layer 2 over layer 3 encrypted tunneling technology has been used in the harshest and most limited networking conditions, to protect some our country’s most sensitive information without a single reported breach, for almost two decades. We are vendor agnostic and seamlessly compatible with all existing or legacy network systems.” Explains Jason Davila, CommTunnel VP.

“The core technologies we utilize have been deployed to protect closed, (air-gapped) networks for the highest levels of Government. They have been modified and augmented to be specifically applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industry 4.0 or Big Data. The technology is designed to meet the specific needs of both public and private sector enterprises.” Adds Davila.

“CommTunnel SC-IoT, provides protection and management of OT and IT endpoints through our enterprise Managed Services Platform. The security model implemented by the solution includes isolation and containment capabilities enhanced by people and processes applied to a logically defined set of virtual enclaves. The Continuous Monitoring Delivers Alerts and Reporting that track and notify customers when device endpoints are not operating or behaving in defined by a customer, manufacturer or accepted historical pattern, as well as tracking the state of the enclaves implemented by the system.” Says Harris.

In 2016, the Secretary of Defense commissioned Johns Hopkins to survey over 580 companies, including Cisco, Unisys and Raytheon, to identify security solutions that protect Operational Technologies and related IT assets, from unauthorized access and control from outside and within. Through 2017 our communications (enclaves) went un-breached and proved to be highly secure, because the solution separates IT from OT and manages the OT. The Managed Services approach was also acknowledged to mitigate to some of vulnerabilities created by physical access. The full report is available on our website.

SC-IoT separates IT from OT, making it the most effective and cost-efficient solution for securing legacy networks, because there’s no need to physically touch every OT device. All devices connected to the network can be found remotely, isolated, organized, monitored, managed and secured, in just three simple steps.

CommTunnel will be exhibiting at ISC-West Security Industry Trade Show‎ in Las Vegas April 11-13, 2018. Visit us at Booth 225, in emerging technologies.

CommTunnel is an integrator of technology-based security solutions, that span enterprise IoT eco-systems. SC-IoT follows and is compliant with the Risk Management Framework developed and promoted by the National Institute of Standards and is the industry’s only comprehensive enterprise solution, protecting all OT devices and systems. CommTunnel SC-IoT, IIoT security technology meets the requirements of the full range of organizations, small businesses to fortune 100 and government sectors.

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